Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold


Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold like most versions incorporates the wishing wells 'pick me' bonus but this slot also comes with 2 completely original main features to replace the pots and road to riches.


By achieving 3 leprechauns on the middle 3 reels you will activate the fields of gold super bonus, this will turn the whole machine into a field of 50 spinning coins, one side of each coin is blank and on the other is a cash amount.


In the first round each coin can be worth £1 or nothing, this round will usually achieve around £30-40. Once the round is complete you are given a large spinning coin that has the options of 'go on' or 'collect'.


If you land the coin on 'go on' you continue to round 2, here the coins are worth either £2 or nothing, this round would usually offer an additional £60-70.


If you get another 'go on' to round 3 this is where the big money is to be won, each coin can be worth £5, £10 or nothing, if you get through all 3 rounds the total prize would be £400-£500!!


Finally this machine has another original feature which is the 'toadstool bonus' you achieve this by landing 3 or more toadstools on the reels. The lower screen will turn to a field full of toadstools all of which either contain cash amounts or fairies.


You have 3 picks in total, if you pick a fairy then that will pick another 3 of the mushrooms for you and possibly even more fairies creating a snowball affect! If you clear the board the total amount of small wins would normally add up to around £50, if you have 1 pick left then this is doubled, but keep 2 picks and it's tripled!


On top of all these unique features this is the first of the rainbow riches games to offer an instant win of £500 for achieving 5 of the feature symbols! This is available on the 777 cabinet and proves to be very popular!