Rainbow Riches Wild Clover


Rainbow Riches wild clover was one of the first of the Cat C £70 jackpot spins offs by Barcrest, it's available on the 777 cabinet and is one of the most popular Cat C Rainbow Riches video slots to date.


With just 5 winlines and 3 reels and just 1 feature it's very easy to play and can pay really large amounts when it wants to!


When the reels spin you will sometimes hear a 'dinging' noise (reel king style), if all 3 reels make this noise then you are given the option to change either 1 or 2 reels to a full stack of wild symbols!


If the full screen of rainbow riches symbols is awarded it pays £70+ a repeat chance which caps at £210, but this machine has been known to give more straight after with banks of close to £300 regularly seen.


It's available on the 777 cabinet and also has the option of the classic pie gamble!